15 Reasons I am thankful

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I started a small journal this year to keep track of what each one of us is thankful for in the month of November. Granted, this shouldn’t be limited to November – I would love to keep it going throughout the year because I really do feel gratitude is what changes our perspective in life. When I think of all my blessings, there isn’t room to think about the negative anymore. With that said, I wanted to do a list of 15 Reasons I am grateful this holiday season.

  1. I’m thankful for all of the time I get to spend with my little ones. Even though many days are long, the hours with them are priceless and ones I will never regret. They’re my greatest treasures.
  2. For health. We have had only one minor medical issue this year (my daughter’s broken arm) and for that, I am so incredibly grateful. Health is everything.
  3. For kiddos who are my partners in crime during the day. As much as I love having peace and quiet, it just isn’t where our lives are at in this season. I love having my kiddos to go with me on new adventures. They’re getting to be fun ages where we don’t have to revolve our lives around naps so much!
  4. I’m grateful for my family, both near and far. Family is everything.
  5. For the gift of aging. With every passing year, I feel like I know myself a little more. This is wisdom that only time can bring.
  6. For boundaries. For having the healthy limits in place to say “no” when there is too much on my plate. And for the ability to recognize when I’m feeling bogged down by trying to please others.
  7. For the gift of self-care and putting a value on myself I didn’t used to before. When I take breaks and make myself a priority, it only makes me a better mother for my children.
  8. For this “work” I have both at home caring for my kids and writing this blog and for other outlets. I love creating with words.
  9. For having peace only God can bring.
  10. I’m grateful for the joy that comes in learning to trust the process – the beauty is truly in the journey.
  11. For friendships, both old and new. They’re a constant source of love, encouragement, and support and without them, I’d be lost!
  12. For several getaways with my husband this year. We haven’t had many of those since starting a family, so it was nice to spend time together and reconnect without kiddos.
  13. For blessings in disguise. Earlier this month we had a power outage which made getting ready just a bit more difficult on a Monday. I see why it is important to have a grateful heart even in less than ideal circumstances. The power outage led to my carbon monoxide detector going off (due to the battery being drained in the long outage). I called the gas company because I didn’t want to take any chances. All was good with the carbon monoxide but they found a gas leak on the furnace that needed prompt attention. Such a blessing in disguise! It’s so important to practice gratitude even on the hard days.
  14. For coffee. My son has woken early this Fall and coffee is an integral part of my days. I mean, it already was, but I’m grateful for it in a whole new way this year.
  15. I’m grateful for signs from God that help me know I’m on the right path. I love hearing from Him in this way and the daily connection that it brings.

I could definitely go on and on, but these are the ones that come to mind. I’m counting my blessings and praying each one of you have a beautiful holiday weekend.



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