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I recently took a fast from social media for a month or two and it was so refreshing.  I couldn’t help but notice how much more secure I felt as a parent and how much less I compared myself to others. Sometimes it’s hard scrolling through a feed and seeing a snapshot of another mother’s “bad day” and it still looks styled for the camera. I don’t think they would want to see what my bad day looks like!  Posts like this can definitely make other moms feel “less than” whether that was the intention of the person posting the photo or not.

I want this blog to be a place of encouragement and never a place where someone might walk away feeling judged or less than. I think if we are aware of ourselves and our parenting, there’s probably a good chance we are doing a pretty great job and definitely the best we can – whether we make home cooked meals or get carry out…whether we formula feed or breastfeed….whether we vaccinate or not. The list could go on and on. The most important thing, in my mind, is that we are authentic – that we don’t try pretending that we have our act together if we don’t (and honestly, who does?).  I know I don’t have mine together – I am challenged and frustrated in a new way every single day on this journey of motherhood.


One thing I am trying to work on is not constantly looking at my phone, iPad, etc. throughout the day.  I have been reading a great book, Hands Free Mama, that is helping me break this habit.  Right now I am setting my phone aside on silent for set increments of my day so that I’m not distracted from my children.  But the other day when practicing this, I came downstairs with the kids and saw 5 missed calls and 4 text messages from my frantic husband who needed me to find something in the house for a coworker to swing by and pick up. So I’m not entirely sure how it will work and I’m trying to figure out this balance!  I am definitely a work in progress.  A girlfriend recently sent me this video on social media and the harm it has done to society.  If you find that you’re distracted by your phone, it is a must-see!!

2 thoughts on “Distraction Action

  1. I love this post! I have also wanted to find a way to silence the shenanigans so to speak. It is too much. We are overstimulated human beings living amongst others of the same. It is a recipe for catastrophe and at some point we MUST find a way to say, “Enough! I choose not to participate like a sheep to the slaughter!” Ok, off my soap box, but really after reading your post I though hmmmm, how could she use the phone on silent option in a better way.

    I discovered a couple of things. First of all, you could just give your hubby a distinguished ringtone and only answer that one during that selected quiet time OR another option which I think could be really cool (and I have yet to try, but just might after this), you can create your own or purchase a “silent ringtone” using something like this avenue I came across while doing some research


    While I am not sure how annoying it would be to assign a silent ringtone to some of your closest friends during certain blocks of time throughout your day, at least it would be an option to keep distraction to a minimal.

    One final thought, in most cases, your closest texting or phone call buddies are great friends or family and besides the spouse who might really need something important, why not consider asking those others to simply not communicate during certain times of the day? Just some thoughts rattling around in my head.

    By the way, I love love love your up and coming blog! It’s a beautiful and refreshing site I will be visiting often 🙂 Best of luck!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Kimberly! I can’t wait to try the different ringtones out – such a great tip! Thank you for the sweet words about the blog. Thanks for reading!

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