About a Boy

Once upon a time, about seven years ago, I met a little boy who stole my heart.  A 4-year-old adorable little munchkin who said the funniest things and loved his daddy and ate every food imaginable.

“Boy,” as his dad affectionately called him, was the most easy-going little guy there was.  The first time I ever met him we bonded instantly over sushi, mochi, and Super Mario Brothers.  He was impressed with my ability to conquer Bowser and remember where all the warps were.  Days spent with him were easy and the 3 of us went on adventures on the weekends as his dad and I dated.

A few years later I was blessed to become Boy’s stepmom.  No evil stepmother/disenchanted stepchild stories here.  He makes life so much better.  He’s my partner in crime with the little kids and helps me immensely when he’s here (often without even being asked).

This summer has been so great having him with us more.  Boy and I exchange glances and share similar sentiments when things are a bit hectic or stressful with the little ones.  It’s nice having someone to share my days with who understands things and has the ability to reason.  We have meaningful conversations and laugh at the same things.

He is passionate about art, baseball, music and tae kwon do.  He loves any and all seafood, video games, reading, legos, and Star Wars.

He has so much empathy for others and is constantly buying small gifts for his little sister and brother.  He thinks of others besides himself, and I think every friend we have has commented on what a great kid he is.  He’s the best big brother imaginable, and such an easy kid to love.


Today he turns 11.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  What I do know is when he’s with us and our family of 5 is together, all feels right in the world again.

Happy Birthday, Boy!  We love you beyond measure and we’re so incredibly proud of the amazing young man you have become.

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