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I’m the stay at home mother of two beautiful but busy children, wife to a business owner who works very long hours and stepmom to a sixth grader who is my helper when he is at our house part-time.  Life is currently pretty chaotic with small kids and church activities and social outings.  I don’t feel like I have time left over for much of anything, let alone blogging.  But I decided I need a creative outlet and hopefully can connect with other parents who feel similarly to me.  I have found parenting to be fulfilling in many ways yet challenging in ways I never thought possible.

I grew up in the Midwest and in 2005, I took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles.  I landed a job in the entertainment industry even though my background was in finance.  I spent five fun years working for an entertainment news show where I met celebrities, worked red carpet events and got to work with some of the best producers in Hollywood.  I enjoyed my life so much in LA – I had amazing girlfriends, an awesome church community and a job I loved.  I met my husband through a mutual friend and he lived in Orange County.  I was not excited to make the move down there once we got married, but now that I’m here, I love it – mostly because we live so close to the beach!  Although I feel fortunate to stay at home with my two little loves, many days are challenging and long.  I feel unprepared with every new step of this journey, and I guess I’m learning as I go.

As a family, we enjoy doing fun things outside including swimming and walks / bike rides on the beach, going to festivals, going on date nights alone and with other couples.  We love exploring new places, and we never take this California weather for granted – we are fortunate to be able to be outdoors year-round.

Some of my favorite things are Fall, Christmastime, coffee, wine, music, sunny, breezy days, and the ocean and beach.  I have always loved writing and it’s probably because it’s in my blood – my dad was the editor of a magazine for his career and also wrote a movie.  I am the youngest of four children and am very close to my siblings to this day, even though we are sprawled all over the country as adults.

I used to detest most social media, especially in this age of ‘selfies’ and constant posting of perfectly styled pictures.  However, I’m slowly learning to embrace it and see it for what it is – a simple snapshot of a friend’s day.

Welcome to my site and please visit the About Taking Back Monday page to learn more!


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