Slow down, Summertime


When I think of summer, I think of long, slow days. Somehow someway though, this summer has been busier than years prior – by what seems to be a landslide. But not in a bad way. I was honestly dreading this season because of the lack of routine. But then, on the other hand, I was really craving carefree, unscheduled days and even a bit of adventure. I think we have managed to fall somewhere in between structure and total freedom. We have just enough going on to bring some consistency to our days and weeks, but we are also flexible and staying up much later than usual. Which brings me to my next point on busyness. Continue reading “Slow down, Summertime”

The Quest for Clutter-Free


Lately, things have seemed so busy on the home front. I feel like I’ve been rushing from place to place to place. Doctor appointments, kid activities, school open houses, regular errands. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but it’s seemed nonstop for weeks now and shows no sign of letting up. And no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to stop piles from accumulating all over my house. Does anyone else feel the same way? If I try to put away the items, it never fails that my husband or kids ask me later that day, “Have you seen my (insert missing item here)?” And then, “Why did you put that away? I wasn’t done using it.” Continue reading “The Quest for Clutter-Free”

What holds us together


My daughter has been asking for probably a year now to see the place where Daddy and Mommy got married. It’s only a short drive away, so I’m not sure what took me so long to grant her request. But on a random Wednesday, I decided today was the day and we were going to make an adventure out of it. Continue reading “What holds us together”

New Year, New Word

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With the New Year upon us, resolutions and goals are everywhere. Not one for setting lofty expectations, I tend to shy away from the typical goal-setting. Instead I view the coming year as a clean slate, which I admittedly love. Who couldn’t use a point in time to start over in many ways?  It feels so cleansing to look ahead to the blank page that is 2016. Continue reading “New Year, New Word”

Christmas Cocktails

We have been known to concoct a cocktail or two, but I didn’t really have any ideas for Christmas drinks. That is, until I logged onto Pinterest. Holy smokes. There are some great ones out there!

I rounded up some of the best ones for you – if these don’t get you in the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will!

Cranberry Ginger Moscow Mule (courtesy of Beard & Bonnet) – click HERE for recipe. Does this not look amazing? I love any version of the Moscow Mule!


{photo c/o Beard & Bonnet}

Blackberry Bramble (courtesy of The Whole Smiths) – click HERE for recipe. Being a Whole 30 advocate (not quite as much at holiday time of course! Ha!), I love Michelle’s recipes and can’t wait to try this refined sugar-free cocktail – for any of you that are strictly Paleo, this one’s for you. And blackberries are a nice alternative to cranberry cocktails if you’re not a fan of the tart berry. Continue reading “Christmas Cocktails”

15 Reasons I am thankful

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I started a small journal this year to keep track of what each one of us is thankful for in the month of November. Granted, this shouldn’t be limited to November – I would love to keep it going throughout the year because I really do feel gratitude is what changes our perspective in life. When I think of all my blessings, there isn’t room to think about the negative anymore. With that said, I wanted to do a list of 15 Reasons I am grateful this holiday season. Continue reading “15 Reasons I am thankful”

Taking back 2015

So I decided early on in 2015 that this would be the year to try new things. Or even some new “old” things. It’s been long overdue to leave my little comfort zone and branch out a bit in some areas – even if they’re trivial or seem superficial, they still count!

Brazilian blowout – I splurged on this hair treatment two times so far this year. I love, love, love the results. It’s expensive, but it’s a dream come true for a mom who has to blow dry piece by piece and then flat-iron afterwards. All I do now is blast a blow dryer on it for 5 minutes and it looks like this – such a time saver. I highly recommend it if you have thick, frizzy hair that is hard to tame. Continue reading “Taking back 2015”

Little known facts


Here are some random tidbits you may or may not know about me:

I am obsessed with all things pumpkin – obviously.  I’ve made it known before how I much adore Fall.

And then there’s Christmastime – I live for this time of year.  I surprisingly don’t get super crazy about decorating or gift-giving, but just seeing the holiday through the eyes of my kiddos – there’s nothing like it.

I worked for a television show for 5 years prior to having kids.  When I worked in TV, I finally understood what it was like to have a career that didn’t feel like “work.”  Prior to that, I was in the financial industry. Continue reading “Little known facts”

Hope Floats


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As parents, it is sometimes hard to connect with our spouse when we have small children.  My husband and I are pretty good about going out on dates regularly, but it’s definitely hard to get away for days at a time.  So when the chance came up to go to New York City on an organized trip with friends/colleagues, we knew we couldn’t pass it up.  We hadn’t left our kiddos for more than two nights before this, so we knew it would be an adjustment for them.  But kids are resilient and usually do better than the parents in situations like these. Continue reading “Hope Floats”

Keep on moving


Fall is quickly approaching, and I could not be happier about it.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.  I love the crispness in the air, and the fact that I can wear jeans and booties again!  I adore all things pumpkin and basically, everything about this season.  But this year, it seems a little sweeter.  It was ten years ago this month that I made the cross-country trek to Southern California to start a new life.  When I reflect on all that has happened in this past decade, I am blown away.  God’s goodness is overwhelming. Continue reading “Keep on moving”