Clingy kiddos

I love to joke that my daughter was clingy from the time she was in my belly. She had to have an eviction notice and came out 12 days late after a 3-day labor. She didn’t want to separate from her mama then, and to this day, she is by my side a lot of the time. Little girl definitely branched out a bit and spread her wings when her baby brother was born. She went to school and became actually quite extroverted. I knew that the secure attachment we formed over time was going to propel her into feeling safe with others soon enough. I also know some children are just the types who want to remain by their mother’s side for longer periods and some may be more introverted by nature. My daughter is definitely extroverted, and now on playdates, she is the one who comes to check in once in a blue moon. She has definitely come into her own.


My youngest is another story. He seems to have taken the place of his sister, but to a whole other extreme I didn’t know existed. I will be three feet away from him and he’s flipping out that I’m not right by his side to do whatever it is he’s doing. Pretty much all of last year I feel like I held him! Making dinner felt like a nightmare. Really, doing anything did. Because he needed my constant attention.


And here we are at age 2 1/2 and we are still in the same boat, although to a lesser extent. If my daughter wants a snuggle, my son comes up and tries to intervene. The worst is when my husband shows me affection of any kind. My son will not have it! When we are outside with the neighbor kids, he wants me with him every step of the way. I’m wondering when this little phase will let up. There will be no more babies this time, so I wonder what it will be to get this guy a bit more independent?

The only answer I have is time.

I know that I won’t always be his favorite. But for now, I get to be. And while it is taxing many days, I am grateful for it at the same time. Because I know how incredibly loved I am.


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