Find Your Flock


One of the best things to happen to me since becoming a mother nearly four years ago, is stumbling into a self-formed group of four other new mamas. We met at Granola Babies, an awesome boutique in Orange County that hosts a variety of support groups and classes as well. We all meshed really well together and were similar in some ways but different in others. What started off as a once a week playgroup has evolved into a beautiful friendship that has seen one Vegas trip, countless girls’ nights out, and five new, precious additions. Sadly, one mama moved out of state so really we are now eight children and four mamas but she and her babes are members forever as far as we are concerned.

Even though our times together can be chaotic and even stressful as we manage our little ones and help intervene as necessary, I still come away feeling refreshed by the presence of my friends. There is something so invaluable about having a group of mom friends who can support each other through the ups and downs and constant questions that arise in motherhood. I’m also so grateful our children have this constant presence in their lives – they know every Tuesday where we will be going and who we will be seeing. It’s precious seeing their friendships grow and change over time.

If you don’t have a group of mom friends like this, I encourage you to find your flock, so to speak. Having this support group has been an integral part of this self-care journey for me. I love my playgroup mamas and their sweet little ones!

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