“Free” at Last


Earlier this month I went on a girls’ trip to my old stomping grounds of LA. The purpose of the trip was to relax, catch up with each other, and to connect with God and process all that has happened personally in the prior year. We each take some time to be alone and ask God for what our “word of the year” might be going forward.

We spent the whole first day and night mostly doing whatever we felt like. Exploring the hotel grounds, eating amazing food and going out a little bit in the evening. The next day we took a trip down memory lane to my old church which was great to visit again.

After church we found a beautiful garden to have our quiet time. I was so curious what my word would be for 2016 – I couldn’t wait to find out. Last year my word was “believe.” To read about how that one little word changed my life, click here.

A big part of me did not want to let go of my word from 2015. Over the year, I learned to love what “believe” meant to me. It was all-encompassing yet also trickled down very specifically to areas in my life where I needed to have faith or believe in change. I feel like 2015 was a year of tremendous growth for me in so many areas that I wanted to keep my transformation going.

Pretty close to the end of the year, however, I received certain signs where I felt that maybe, just maybe, this transition was nearing its end.

As I sat down in quiet anticipation of what my word for this year would be, I felt the words come from my heart as I journaled.

Here is an excerpt:

Be still. Listen. Hear me. You are loved…You have believed. You believe. You believe ME…You are free. You are free…I pour my love over you. It is a gift. It spills over. It costs nothing. You can’t measure it. What do you want? To be set free. You are free…Believe it into existence…Be the light…It is time to be what I created you to be. Be a sunshine seeker and spreader. Be love. Be light. BE FREE.

So there it was: “free” or “be free” – I really can’t think of a more optimistic word! I was really shocked that this was my word. But it seems the word was foreshadowed in a blog entry I wrote last year:

“In the midst of this change that’s happening inside of me, I find myself clinging to a vision a dear friend had for me at a recent prayer night:  she saw a picture of a black butterfly while praying over me.  In other cultures, a black butterfly represents growth and change as a butterfly leaves the safety of its cocoon to discover the world.  It is also symbolic of rebirth, renewal and a resulting freedom.”

How appropriate it is that my word was there all along, and it is now mine to hold onto. I look forward to all the little ways I will be changed and surprised by this one word. I can’t wait to share this year’s journey with you.


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