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Fall is quickly approaching, and I could not be happier about it.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.  I love the crispness in the air, and the fact that I can wear jeans and booties again!  I adore all things pumpkin and basically, everything about this season.  But this year, it seems a little sweeter.  It was ten years ago this month that I made the cross-country trek to Southern California to start a new life.  When I reflect on all that has happened in this past decade, I am blown away.  God’s goodness is overwhelming.

So much fear and uncertainty surrounded my decision to move.  But I had these words spoken over me and I hang onto them tightly to this day:

“Fear does not come from Me.  Confusion does not come from Me.”

I had been craving healthy change and a new church community at the time.  But what if it didn’t work out?  Well…I could simply return to the Midwest.  It really wasn’t that risky in reality.  And so I went.

Once I settled into my life in LA, I knew there would be no going back.  I felt like in some ways I was made for this.  Beach bonfires and mountain views. The ocean any day that I want.  A constant lightness in the air and a cool breeze at night.  Sunshine most days of the year.  Year-round outdoor dining experiences.  Unparalleled beauty surrounding me.  There’s so much I’ve explored, yet so many other amazing things to see.  Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful to live here.

But I think the real reason this “anniversary” means so much is that I see how it parallels my current journey in so many ways.  When I let doubt or fear creep in, I am reminded of what got me out here in the first place: a giant leap of faith.  Instead of always wondering, I made it happen.  What could have been is now my actual reality.

And so it is true with my present goals.  They may seem lofty or so far from where I currently am, but you have to start somewhere.  Nothing that is worthwhile happens overnight.  I did not move to Los Angeles and instantly fall in love or make deep friendships or land the job of my dreams.  But I started making connections and I worked hard at my job and was promoted twice.  And after awhile, I met my future husband.  Everything took time, and by time, i mean years.

But today I have the perspective of looking back.  I have met so many incredible people along the way.  I did end up with a job I absolutely loved.  And I married a man who is by far the best of the best.

There is risk in any big decision – but there really is so much to be gained on the other side.  So I am reminded today to keep on moving.  To forge ahead with my dreams, passions and goals.  They have been planted in my heart for a reason, and it takes time to see the fruits of any labor.


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  1. Looks like we both moved to CA around the same time. We came in August of 2005. It has been a journey and an adventure!

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