Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Shower

There are certain things promised to us as human beings and also, as Americans.  But once you become a parent, I believe you give up many of those rights, whether you realize it at first or not.  One being a long, hot shower.  Not that any of us should be taking long showers, especially in drought-ridden California…but maybe just a shower a day?  Or…a shower every couple days?  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so.  And the days I do manage to get one usually involve a screaming toddler on the other side of the shower door, so I have to finish in lightning speed.  Real relaxing.

And so it goes with many other freedom-wrenching activities.  You know, like sitting down to eat a real meal during the day.  Or going out to eat and enjoying your food.  Those days are no more – at least with kids in tow.

And so there are date nights to look forward to.  My husband and I make fun of our childless couple friends who say, “We can’t come over tonight…it’s date night.”  We point out, “Every night is a date night when you have no kids!!”  It is crazy how things change because I remember scheduling out date nights too before kids.  The stuff you take for granted when you don’t know any different.  Freedom becomes a thing of the past.

You also give up the right to go to the bathroom alone again for the rest of your life.  Well, at least that’s how it feels at the moment.  But what’s a few years of joint potty breaks in the grand scheme of things when you’ve had a couple decades to yourself??

Sleep.  Precious, precious sleep – where have you been the last four years of my life??  And don’t ever become confident that the sleepless nights are over when you hit a good phase…’cause just when you do, someone starts waking again.  These bags under my eyes are becoming a permanent staple.

You’ll have to hide in the kitchen while the kids watch TV or do an activity if you want to savor a few bites of any food without them trying to take over.

Errands that used to be fun are now too tiring with kiddos along for the ride.  This past week I ran to Nordstrom and my son broke a bracelet (he was in my arms by the way)…never a dull moment!

Freedom, you have eluded me since becoming a mother.  But – happiness, you have infinitely soared.  Not a bad trade off.




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