Love, Actually


As we celebrated Valentine’s Day last weekend, it made me think about the cliche many married couples profess – that they love their spouse more today than on the day they married them.  Now I totally see why.  When you enter into a marriage, you’ve likely experienced mostly bliss.  Once you get going and add a kid or two to the mix is when things are really tested.  Along the way, your path somehow turned into peaks and valleys and as you look back to see all  you’ve weathered, you realize it’s the lows and how you came out of them that make you love the other person even more.  How they carried you through the rough times and came out stronger on the other end is what matters the most.

If everything was perfect all the time, we would likely stay a bit more stagnant in how we love.  It makes us thankful for the hard times, the ones in the past and the ones yet to come.  And those challenging moments are what make the beautiful ones so beautiful.

Hope that everyone had a great weekend celebrating with loved ones.




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