Mom Misconceptions Part 2

Another round of those moments I assumed would be different once I had children….

I recently saw this post and completely related to it – when did having kids get dropped off to birthday parties become a thing of the past?  Is this a generational thing?  When I made a list last year to have a party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, the total was around 75 people and that did not include anyone under the age of 2.  There is no way to have all of those people in our house and where would they all park?

In the end, I had her pick 3 little girl friends to invite and I provided food, cupcakes, goody bags (and wine for the moms, who happened to be my friends).  The girls went outside, played dress-up together, colored and ate.  It was the perfect little party and in no way overwhelming for my child.  When I read the above-mentioned article, I was in complete agreement.  I am so down with the drop-off party!  I hope people start doing it as my daughter gets older.  Birthday parties seem to be every single weekend…does anyone else feel they’re a bit overrated??


I’ve touched on this before, but I never realized the incessant talking – and more specifically, the talking in circles – that would take place with toddlers.  For example, this conversation happened on Saturday with my 3-year-old:

Her:  “Mom, why am I taking a break from Sunday school?”

Me:   “You’re not.  You went the past 3 weekends.”

Her:  “No, it was the past 5 weekends.”  (5 is her go-to number)

Me:  “Oh, ok.”

Her:  “Well, can I take a break from Sunday school?”

Me:  “I guess, if you want to.”

Her:  “No, I really don’t want to take a break.”

Well, that really solved a lot.  Sometimes I have no idea where anything is going in conversations with her…these seem to happen quite a bit lately!  They leave me very, very puzzled.


The idea that two of your own littles ones close in age will play (or play well) together.  When, if ever, does this happen?  I know mine are still pretty small, but I am constantly intervening.  It’s almost worse than if it was just one of them playing independently.  Inevitably, one will hurt the other on accident (or on purpose, let’s be honest) and I must stop what I’m doing for the hundredth time.  I guess I thought they would be happy to have each other.  There are glimpses of this at times, so I’ll keep hoping it gets better in the future.



Back to the sleep issue (mentioned in my other Mom Misconceptions post) – my baby, bless him, has been sleeping like a dream for 5 straight months now.  No wake-ups that whole stretch except one, ironically, on Saturday night (darn eye teeth, I think).  My nearly 4-year-old who has dropped her nap will now crash out before 7, but going to sleep that early means a wake-up may possibly happen in the night.  To inform me she has to potty (just do it – no need to wake me!) or like the other night, to say, “Aubrey told me today that I can’t do a cartwheel.  But I can.”  Is she really wanting to discuss gymnastics and friends at midnight?  When do they ever continuously sleep – or when is it that us parents get to sleep, I should say.  I hear we will worry when they’re teens and out at night, so really, I guess once you’re a parent, sleep is for the birds.


I never knew driving would feel so tumultuous at times.  Tantrums and meltdowns in the car are no fun.  I feel like I may lose my mind.  When I’m trying to navigate to a new place, that makes it even worse.  I’m attempting to hear Siri, but the cries or screams make it near-impossible.  Luckily, these episodes don’t happen too often, but when they do – Lord have mercy on  us all.  Sometimes, all you can do is laugh and that is what I often find myself doing!



7 thoughts on “Mom Misconceptions Part 2

  1. The parents at bday parties is common. When the girls started going I was so surprised that the parents came. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I wondered if it was a CA thing. I feel like if they’re in kindergarten they should be able to go to a party by themselves. I also find parents out here to be overly involved. Give your kid some breathing room and chance to grow. I enjoy your blog:)

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I, too, thought maybe it is a CA thing? But my hubby said he also went to parties alone as a kid. So yeah, probably the overly-involved parenting trend like you said…I agree, give your kid a chance to breathe! Thanks for the sweet words and thanks for reading:)

      1. Well it’s a Georgia thing too and California and Georgia could not be more opposite from each other. Helicoptor parents…

  2. I so resonate. My 6-yr-old went to a birthday and I *assumed* it was a drop-and-run. I don’t remember birthday parties being family parties when I was growing up, after the pre-school years. I think I was the only mom who didn’t stay. Woops! So, now I have to ask!

    And the endless, round-about conversations and noise…dear 4-yr-old is constantly asking for one thing then saying he wants another. Then why bother asking in the first place? My favorite is the asking of a question, and when I answer, he says, “No, it’s such and such!” Grrrr…

    The sleep will get better, I promise. Like you said…until their teenagers, lol.

    1. Yes at least once they’re in elementary school, I would assume drop-off also? Well, good advice to ask so that you know, I guess?!
      Oh the circular conversations…maddening lol!! Thanks for reading, Izzy!! 🙂

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