Mom Misconceptions


I read this a few months ago, and it had me laughing so hard!  I sent it to my expectant brother and sister-in-law, and my brother responded he was having heart palpitations after reading it.  It is, of course, an exaggeration but pretty funny nonetheless and much of it does ring true.  Since then, I’ve been thinking of my own misconceptions I had about parenthood.  I honestly had no idea it would be so difficult but I also thought I knew so much when I clearly didn’t!

  • Snotty kids – why can’t their mother just wipe.that.nose.  Before children, I looked at kids’ snotty noses and thought, “Really – can’t you just clean that?  How hard can it be?”  Now, I’m on the other side of it.  When mine have a cold, I think, ‘for those noses to be perfectly clean at all times, it would require me wiping it every five seconds.’  It would literally be all I did all day long!  Sorry, moms, for judging you before I knew better.
  • You stay out late one night – no big deal, right?  Why would you work around your child’s schedule instead of your own?  Oh – because there is only hell to pay if you don’t.  All day long the next day.  They don’t just ‘sleep in’ because you stayed out late.  In fact, they often wake super early on those days!  And they’re generally not happy campers following nights like that.  So, we stay in a lot.
  • Hard for moms to find time for a shower?  No way would a day go by where I would miss one.  Ha!  I had absolutely no idea of the constant demands kids place on a mother.  I’ve had many a shower-less day.  Too many to count actually.
  • I always felt like little kids were in my way.  Now I’m on the other side – probably being a nuisance to everyone else.  Telling them, “Don’t touch that!” and apologizing to random people in the grocery store.  I wish I had been more understanding to those mothers before I had my own children.  It requires so much multi-tasking to keep them happy and manage your list while shopping for what you need.
  • Babies and sleep – can’t be that bad, right?  There’s the phrase “sleep like a baby” – but then I heard later that it should really be “sleep like a husband” which totally makes more sense.  Enough said on this one.
  • On the sleep subject, I always envisioned rising before my little ones, brewing some coffee, maybe reading a bit or making some breakfast for us all.  Nope.  They’re my daily alarm clock.
  • There would be payback someday for all I did as a child to my parents.  I was a pretty well-behaved kid (or so I’ve been told) but I was quite a chatterbox.  And so, numbers 12 and 13 on the above-mentioned blog certainly ring true for me these days!  Wow, can my daughter talk!
  • I had no idea the days would be incredibly long as a stay-at-home mom.  I find myself thinking of things to do to pass the time.  Yet the days are long and the months are short, as the saying goes.  I really can’t believe how quickly they’re growing.


Clearly, I’m still learning in each new stage we enter – and I’m sure many more surprises are coming my way!

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