My Shining Superstar

On Tuesday, after my little guy woke from his nap, the three of us ran to the grocery store for our weekly shopping.  About halfway through the trip, I stopped to browse the meat department when all of a sudden I heard a crash and my kids crying.  I instantly turned around to find my grocery cart on its side on the floor with its contents everywhere.  My son had been in the front part and was now face down on the tile with his arm trapped under the cart and my daughter was lying to the side on the floor.  I quickly got my son out as strangers surrounded me.  I then grabbed my daughter with my other arm.  I sat down and held them both as they screamed in my arms.  I literally felt like I was in shock – people picked my stuff up and put it back in the cart and asked how they could help me.  Quite a difference from the shopping trips I am used to.

I was so worried the kids were seriously hurt, especially my little guy – but both stopped crying after a minute or two and seemed to be fine other than some scrapes.  Apparently my little girl had climbed on the end of the cart and swayed it to the side a bit, and down it went.  My gosh, why can’t we seem to catch a break?  It really feels like one thing after another lately.  While I’m so incredibly thankful my children are healthy after hospital visits last month and this minor incident, sadly, we are grieving a death in the family this week.

So many things are making me feel scattered – plus I’ve been sick – so I’m definitely not on my A-game.  In fact, I am far from it.  When I took my daughter to school Monday, the teacher informed me it was her week to be “superstar” which they would have reminded me on Friday but she was out sick with a cold.  So when you’re superstar, you get to take on a variety of tasks like act as line leader, and pick out songs and activities for the class.  Also, the parent is to bring a snack and the child can bring a favorite toy in from home.  So on Tuesday I made sure to purchase a snack and we showed up Wednesday with her toy to share as well.  I was feeling proud of myself for remembering those things – that is, until her teacher asked, “Where’s her superstar poster?”  There’s a poster?  What?  She then explained I need to do a poster of pictures, stickers and the like for my daughter to show the class during her week as superstar.

Okay, let me get right to that.  The many small challenges that ensued after that to complete said poster became almost comical.  I’ll spare you of the boring details, but I had a few of my girlfriends laughing as I texted them updates of the ludicrous journey.  One being this:


You get the idea.  I kept asking, does this stuff happen to other people?!  All you can do is chuckle after awhile.

I can’t help but feel the scene at the grocery store is an analogy of my life at the present time.  Sitting on the floor, holding both of my crying kids, with all of my things scattered around me.  Paralyzed with my hands so full.  My children are both in a clingy, ‘wanting mommy’ state, and I am feeling stretched a little thin in more ways than one.  Sleep has been all over the place with both kids, and it seems like sickness keeps knocking us down.  In my mind, I want to forge ahead, quickly leaving these difficult days behind.  But I am sitting.  I’m as scattered as can be, my life’s plate feels full.  I hope I’ll be able to stand up soon.

I’m choosing to be grateful for overall health, wellness and all of the blessings I’ve been given.


“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


 {photo courtesy of my little superstar and her poster}


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