Ode to Fall

Soon (but not soon enough) it will be Fall.  My favorite time of year.  A time for new beginnings and new possibilities.  I know most people probably associate Springtime with fresh starts, but I have always done this with Fall.  Maybe because we start getting back into rhythm and routine.  A new school year starts for the kiddos, which tends to bring new sports and activities.  Even though the pace of life may pick up, it’s as if we’re given permission to slow down in other ways.  We can settle in earlier at night and stay in just a little bit more.

Unfortunately, that gorgeous Fall weather will not be upon us here in Southern California til more like October or November.  August and September are to me what January and February used to feel like in the Midwest.  I’m done already…let’s move onto a new season.  Fall – please hurry up and get here.

Fall brings a crispness in the air and I crave the downtime and cozying up that comes with the season.  Not to mention, the best part – pumpkin spice lattes!


{photo c/o starbucks.com}

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this photographer’s creative instagram account dedicated to all things Fall.  I can’t get enough of warm sweaters, boots, apple picking, the colors on the trees, and everything pumpkin.

Speaking of sweaters and boots, I got an email from Lookbook Store, and I really want this adorable cut-out sweater.  Seems like the perfect transition piece from Indian Summer to Fall and Winter.


{photo c/o Lookbookstore.co}

As for boots, these Free People booties would come in handy in the new season too.

I also tend to cook more in the Fall and Winter – much more comfort food and I love to use the slow cooker.  I’ve been browsing recipes on Pinterest and can’t wait to try this broccoli beef and I’ll definitely be making this sweet potato chili again.

I’m pretty sure my husband and I have passed our love of Autumn onto our daughter.  Just the other day she said, “You know what I can’t wait for?  To be all cozy when it’s cold out and get in our jammies, cuddle up, and watch movies together on the couch.”

Her eyes lit up at the thought.  She sees it too – it’s magical!

6 thoughts on “Ode to Fall

  1. Oh Fall! I get so nostalgic around Fall! Pumpkin flavored everything!! …lattes, candles, waffles… So many great things about Fall! Thanks for getting me all excited in this 80 degree never ending heat!! Xoxo

  2. I am only in agreement if I AM BACK IN CA by then. Otherwise, I hate the fall. Summer can never never end. If the fall comes, then that means winter will be back soon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Stupid Ohio.

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