Our January Adventure

A couple months ago we traveled up to the Reno / Lake Tahoe area to visit family. The trip was definitely a whirlwind – two nights and basically half a day of travel on each end. We couldn’t find any flights that worked to take us straight to Reno. Instead, we flew from LAX to Sacramento, and then rented a vehicle to drive through Donner Pass to get to Reno. Continue reading “Our January Adventure”

Pilates as Self-Care


As part of my self-care journey, I’ve always been mindful of getting in some form of exercise, which is no easy feat when you’re a parent. I have tried going back to the regular “gym” where I can use childcare, but then I never know when they might call me out of class because my child needs a diaper change or some other reason. I settled on doing workout videos at home after the birth of my second child. It seemed like the easiest route and it still does in some ways. But last year I felt like I needed to up my game a bit. My body was getting used to the same routine and I was craving a challenge. Continue reading “Pilates as Self-Care”

Thoughts on Lent


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Today is Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the beginning of Lent. It is meant to be a time of fasting, prayer, and repentance for Catholics and many Christians. I don’t know why, but for me, Lent has never had much of an impact on my life. I was born and raised Catholic and went through the rituals just like everyone around me did. But as an adult, I see the season as such a dark time. And it’s hard for me to grasp this darkness, since I’m very much aware of how the story unfolds. I agree that we should definitely acknowledge what Jesus went through for us, but Jesus is alive today because the ultimate redemption was gifted to us. Continue reading “Thoughts on Lent”

Kim Burckhardt Interview

I am so excited to share an interview with a fellow mom I met on Instagram over the past year. I love Kim’s posts on fitness and nutrition. Over the years, I have also done a lot of working out at home and I know other moms do the same. I find her tips incredibly motivating and helpful and I know others will too. Please don’t forget to check out Kim’s Facebook and Instagram page too! Continue reading “Kim Burckhardt Interview”

Season of Rest


This Winter has been such a period of rest for me – but more like forced rest. I am admittedly a homebody but I do like going out with my hubby or girlfriends, of course. My littlest one has decided to wake at the ungodly hours of 4:30 to 5:30 every morning since October. It doesn’t matter how I adjust his bedtime, he still wakes up well before the sun. This kid has been my good sleeper over the years, so I guess I was due for something to shake things up? Our days have felt so long, and I basically go to bed at 8:30 or 9 each night in order to get a good amount of sleep. I have passed up many a social occasion this season in order to make sure I get rest. Continue reading “Season of Rest”

“Free” at Last


Earlier this month I went on a girls’ trip to my old stomping grounds of LA. The purpose of the trip was to relax, catch up with each other, and to connect with God and process all that has happened personally in the prior year. We each take some time to be alone and ask God for what our “word of the year” might be going forward. Continue reading ““Free” at Last”

Making Time for Yourself

“Similar to a garden, we all reflect the kind of care we are given. If we are intentional about watering and getting sun, we will also bloom and thrive like the flower does. As mothers, it is so, so easy to neglect ourselves and wither away. Self-care is crucial as a caregiver. Keep pushing for it. It will keep you alive and growing.”
I recently had one of those horrible parenting fails – you know, the ones where you do something you completely regret? Something you do or say (or in this case yelled as loud as possible) when all buttons have been pushed and the adrenaline is rushing at lightning speed. I am still processing it because I feel so terrible I let myself get to that point. Hindsight is 20/20 – but really, why didn’t I see it coming? When I felt the spike in blood pressure, why didn’t I go to another room and take some deep breaths in order to regroup?

Continue reading “Making Time for Yourself”

New Year, New Word

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With the New Year upon us, resolutions and goals are everywhere. Not one for setting lofty expectations, I tend to shy away from the typical goal-setting. Instead I view the coming year as a clean slate, which I admittedly love. Who couldn’t use a point in time to start over in many ways?  It feels so cleansing to look ahead to the blank page that is 2016. Continue reading “New Year, New Word”

How to find rest this holiday season

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{photo c/o The Triplet Farm}

Today’s entry is a guest post I wrote for The Triplet Farm blog. I met Angela through Instagram and she interviewed me for a series she did several months ago. To read that interview, click here. Thanks, Angela, for the feature!

The holidays are officially here. And with each passing year, it seems this season passes quicker and quicker. Am I right? As mothers, we often find ourselves trying to squeeze in so much that we find ourselves completely burnt out halfway through the season. There’s an endless amount of pressure to make the holidays perfect for our kids while also shopping, baking cookies, attending parties, decorating our houses, all while meeting the daily demands of our family. Continue reading “How to find rest this holiday season”

Christmas Cocktails

We have been known to concoct a cocktail or two, but I didn’t really have any ideas for Christmas drinks. That is, until I logged onto Pinterest. Holy smokes. There are some great ones out there!

I rounded up some of the best ones for you – if these don’t get you in the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will!

Cranberry Ginger Moscow Mule (courtesy of Beard & Bonnet) – click HERE for recipe. Does this not look amazing? I love any version of the Moscow Mule!


{photo c/o Beard & Bonnet}

Blackberry Bramble (courtesy of The Whole Smiths) – click HERE for recipe. Being a Whole 30 advocate (not quite as much at holiday time of course! Ha!), I love Michelle’s recipes and can’t wait to try this refined sugar-free cocktail – for any of you that are strictly Paleo, this one’s for you. And blackberries are a nice alternative to cranberry cocktails if you’re not a fan of the tart berry. Continue reading “Christmas Cocktails”