Paleo BBQ Chicken Salad

I’ve been craving a good salad lately and finally put one together last night.  On Mondays I generally pick up a rotisserie chicken and incorporate it into our dinner that night.  We have a lot going on this summer with baseball camps, swim lessons, and other activities, so anything that can help me be more time efficient is a winner.

I chopped up grape tomatoes, an avocado and some yellow squash for color (since corn, a typical BBQ salad staple, isn’t Paleo).

photo 4

I shredded the chicken and coated with barbecue sauce in a bowl.  Also, I crushed up root chips (beet, plantain, and sweet potato) for crunch and some added sweetness.  Obviously you can throw whatever sounds good in there – that’s the beauty of a salad.  I tend to think the more things, the better!  Pistachios are another good choice for texture and crunch.

photo 1

This salad almost doesn’t need a dressing because the BBQ sauce is so flavorful.  But, if you’re so inclined, throw a vinaigrette on there, or a ranch, or even better – ranch mixed with BBQ sauce (which, of course, makes it not strict Paleo).  Pretty light and satisfying for summer!

photo 2



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