Pilates as Self-Care


As part of my self-care journey, I’ve always been mindful of getting in some form of exercise, which is no easy feat when you’re a parent. I have tried going back to the regular “gym” where I can use childcare, but then I never know when they might call me out of class because my child needs a diaper change or some other reason. I settled on doing workout videos at home after the birth of my second child. It seemed like the easiest route and it still does in some ways. But last year I felt like I needed to up my game a bit. My body was getting used to the same routine and I was craving a challenge.

One day while driving home from a friend’s house, I noticed a sign for Seafit Pilates studio. I decided to look up their website because I had heard really good reviews about Reformer Pilates from girlfriends. To my surprise, it was only $10 to try a class, so I signed up for one a few days later. I had NO idea what I was in for! I am not the most coordinated person, so it was a lot to learn, but luckily, the teacher Alex was so helpful and made me feel completely at ease. When the 45-minute workout was over, I was already hooked. I have bad knees from an injury years ago and what I loved about this workout (which is actually done on a Megaformer, so basically like a Reformer on crack), was how slow and controlled it was. Every move was done with intention and purpose which allowed me to focus on my form.

The next few days my muscles were so sore, but I couldn’t wait to get back in to the studio. I bought the 12 classes/month package and have gone regularly ever since. The biggest change I have noticed in my body is definitely my core, since pretty much every move in Pilates involves the core in some way. As mothers, we do so much carrying and lifting, my back would often feel the effects of this strain. Pilates has helped strengthen this whole area and I don’t feel any back pain or pressure anymore. I am definitely a believer in its benefits. I also love that the workout is a quick 45 minutes. This makes it easy for childcare. I am only gone from my kids for a little over an hour with drive time. No parking structures with tickets to validate – everything is in and out and very seamless.

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a workout at Seafit on Beach for a group of lovely ladies in my blogger and small business circle. Catherine, the owner of the studio, was such a gracious hostess and gave each of us a new pair of Toe Sox for the class!


Everyone did such a great job! I was so impressed with these ladies. For most of them, it was the first time they had done Pilates, and I honestly couldn’t tell at all.


Everyone loved this unique workout . I hope each one of them will be back and find the same benefits I have over the past year.

I feel so grateful to have found Pilates and made it a part of my self-care practice. It has made me stronger and has helped re-ignite a fire and determination in myself that I thought I may have lost over the years since becoming a mother. It keeps me fit and feeling good about myself and maybe most importantly, it’s some precious time to myself which is pretty scarce these days!

For more information on Seafit, their various locations and class schedules, please see their website: www.seafitstudio.com.


Thanks again to Seafit for hosting our wonderful event!

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