Seeking Sunshine


My spiritual journey has definitely changed over the past few years.  Before I was a parent, I had the luxury of attending weekend retreats away and being a part of regular prayer and meditation nights.  I also made space for connecting with God through journaling and solitude days.  Since becoming a parent, I don’t have the time for most of these practices in this season of life.  I’m lucky to squeeze in a prayer night once in awhile with my girlfriends or an hour of quiet time here and there.

Thankfully, connecting with God is possible anywhere.  I feel just as fulfilled, if not more, by connecting to Him in sporadic moments throughout my days.  He is just as present in the small, mundane moments as He was at the retreat weekends.  I don’t have the same quiet time to hear Him like I used to, but He still shows up continuously.  This can be through signs, my dreams, repetitive scriptures or songs, words I will hear in my mind that I write down – really, just about anything.  His ways never cease to amaze me.

A few weeks ago, He was showing me the words “shine” and “sunshine” – both were present in so many places for me.  These words showed up probably 20 times in various Twitter and Instagram  posts in the matter of a couple of days.  Sayings like, “Shine brightly today.”  And this Bible verse: “…nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face.”  (2 Corinthians 3: 18)

In the same time span, my little boy kept asking for “the sunshine song” (You are my sunshine).  The birthday card I received the same week from my girlfriends said:  “If I could capture your light in a jar it would be bright enough to illuminate the entire world.”  While driving, I heard the Behind the Music story about why Sheryl Crow wrote “Soak up the Sun” (if you’re wondering, she wrote it after 9/11 – to put things in perspective that life is actually pretty amazing and we all need to lighten up).  A girlfriend sent me some behind the scenes video footage from her business and it was set to the song “You are my sunshine.”  At my workout studio, I heard, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”  At a kid’s birthday party, I noticed “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” playing.  The theme continued the rest of the week.

If you stop and think about it, sunshine really is a critical part of our lives.  We take pictures of sunsets and sunrises – they have the ability to take our breath away.  The sun controls our moods to an extent, what our days look like, and whether or not we venture out.  We let our kids play outside until the sun goes down.

Maybe we can take a cue from the sun.  Its only job is to shine.  That’s it.  All I need to worry about is who I was made to be.  And just shine.  And when the sun is behind the clouds, I can still choose joy.

Thankfully, His mercies are new each morning.  With every sunrise comes the chance to live another day to the full.  I want to be a light spreader, in constant awe and wonder of His everlasting goodness.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me to be a sunshine seeker.


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