Since giving birth to my second child, I have really felt the need for self-care to a greater extent than when I just had one – which makes it even harder because I don’t have as much time!  But to nurture myself, in my opinion, makes me a better mother (and also, a better wife and person).  While I am totally an amateur to fashion and beauty trends, I have started taking more of an interest and spending more time on my hair and learning different makeup techniques.  It’s been so fun and like a new experiment daily.  I’ve also weeded out some of my older clothes and shoes and have begun replacing them with quality, classic pieces little by little as our budget allows.  I have had the luxury of booking massages here and there and having a sitter come once in awhile to give me little breaks from my children.  When I return from these small increments away, I feel refreshed!!  I feel it in me to nurture their little souls in a new way each time I come home from some “me” time.

I also started going out once a week for wine with a girlfriend.  Even if it’s just an hour or two out, I come away so fulfilled from the conversation and just getting dressed up and feeling like a “real” person again.  I think for me, leaving the workforce to stay at home as a mother has made me forget who I am in some ways.  I am a whole person and being a mother is a huge part of who I am, but not the only thing.  I am a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter and an individual.  By implementing many of these self-care rituals into my daily life, I have seen myself thrive in a new way.

My journey has also included modifying how I eat and making sure I squeeze in exercise somehow, which can be very challenging for anyone, not just a mother.  If I incorporate these two things, I find myself with a lot more energy to take on the day, even if it included a sleepless night the night before.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me and see that we are all facing the same battles each day.  We are all doing what we can!

For specific self-care tools, check out Self-Care 101.

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