Slow and Steady


Today I was able to go on a little kidless adventure to gorgeous Laguna Beach – to the Montage, no less (can you say self care?).  The perfect cap to a long, hard week.  The morning started with a lovely breakfast at The Loft.  As I ate my bacon, mushroom, and gouda omelette with fingerling potatoes (yum, right?), I practiced a solo food meditation, appreciating the flavors and texture of each bite.  It’s so seldom these days that I am able to sit and eat a meal slowly with no distractions.  After breakfast, I headed down to the beach with a girlfriend for some relaxation, reading and fun conversation.  All week long I craved this slow-paced day, since ‘regular’ life often seems so hurried.

If you look up the definition of the word ‘slow,’ it includes words like ‘dull’ and ‘unexciting.’  Why is it that fast is equated with exciting and slow is dull?   Yet it’s days like today that feed my soul – the downtime where I can sit uninterrupted and hear my own inner voice.

They say slow and steady wins the race…but I think we get stuck in such patterns of “if only I was at the next stage of life, things would be better” or “if only the baby was a little older, life would be easier” – you get my point.  Why are we always in a rush to get to the next phase?  What happened to enjoying the journey and not focusing so much on the destination?

Each chapter in life brings with it a new, unique set of challenges.  I will be worn down in more seasons of life than just my current one.  As I notice the cracks on the picture of the labyrinth I walk, I can’t help but feel they’re symbolic of the hard times, but certainly give the path its character.


The cracks will always be there, but in no way do they take away from the beauty of the journey.  I hope to figure out a way to practice ‘slow days’ or at least ‘slow times’ in my normal routine, but in the meantime, I’m thankful for days like today.




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