Still Sitting

I keep telling myself that life will get less crazy.  Things will let up soon for sure.  But life is life, right?  It doesn’t promise to slow down for anyone.

There are estimates to get on my car from getting rear-ended not too long ago.  There has been sickness – the stomach virus from hell that ravaged each member of our family last week.  I know I am not the only one in this boat – several friends have also had one thing after another in this season of life.

But with all that’s been going on, could I just at least keep some common sense and some sort of awareness of time and space?  One day I left coconut oil in a skillet with the burner on while I took the kids to the park.  The next day I attempted to buy the tester bottle of body lotion til the cashier pointed it out to me (how did I not notice it was just half full?).  I dropped a bunch of things, including cash all over the floor at the bank.  Where is my head – and my hand-eye coordination?

But the kicker was on a recent Sunday when my daughter and I showed up to the birthday party of her little classmate and friend.  The party she had talked about every day for three weeks since she first received the invitation.  We arrived to Chuck E. Cheese and I asked where her friend’s party was located and they told me tables 1 and 2.  But when I got to the table all the food and ice cream and cake had been eaten.  We were pretty close to on time so that seemed weird.  Well, it turns out her friend’s party was actually the day before and the Chuck E. Cheese employee up front had the paperwork from yesterday.  This whole time I had been thinking Sunday was the 21st.

Mom of the year right here.

Thank goodness we were able to run the gift over and the girls had an impromptu playdate for an hour or two.  That helped make it up to my little girl.

But seriously, where is my brain lately??  When will I get it back?  Or does that ever happen after you have children.  The analogy of myself and my children sitting on the grocery store floor, scattered just like my life still rings true today, just a few months later.  I am coming to the realization that I may not be standing for awhile…or maybe even ever.  Life’s demands will always be there.  My best hope is to be present with my family despite the busyness that surrounds us…and hopefully, keep the house from burning down while I’m at it!

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