Making a Capsule Wardrobe

I recently came across The Every Girl blog post on making a Capsule Wardrobe – and became quickly intrigued. Over the past couple of years, I’ve really scaled back my wardrobe and focused on quality more than quantity. So this seemed right up my alley. The basic premise is that for three straight months you keep only 37 items of clothing (including shoes and outerwear) in your closet for wearing. Each season you rotate some pieces out so that you keep it at the same number. I know that I am guilty of reaching for the same items again and again, so this capsule idea is very appealing. And I adore the idea of opening my closet and loving every single piece staring back at me.

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Self-Care Redefined

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The term ‘self-care’ has been used all over lately – I see it hash-tagged on Instagram, in quotes on the Internet, and in so many other places.  I think for some, it can have negative connotations – especially in the parenting world.  For me, though, self-care was a term in my vocabulary years before I became a mother.  But it means something totally different to me now. Continue reading “Self-Care Redefined”

Looking and Feeling Your Best

IMG_4844For me, part of self-care has been spending time on myself each day to look and feel my best – which can be quite challenging with little ones!  Somewhere along the way in my motherhood journey, I stopped caring quite as much about hair, makeup, fashion and working out.  It wasn’t that I let myself go, but I just couldn’t muster up the time or energy once my second baby arrived.  I found myself in my ‘mom uniform’ of yoga pants and a tee pretty much every day with little to no makeup. Continue reading “Looking and Feeling Your Best”

Top Ten Tuesday: August 5

1.  If you’re a Costco addict (like no one in this house), this is a great write-up on items that truly are cheaper there – including a Dyson vacuum, which has seriously changed my life this year.  Did I just say that about a vacuum?

2.  It’s our family picture shoot in a few weeks, so time for a refill on my Makeup Forever HD Foundation – never take photos without it!  Definitely going to re-read these tips for taking a great photo.


3.  Too lazy to stop by the jewelry store to clean your rings, like me?  Try this easy DIY method using dishwashing soap and a toothbrush.

4.  Sorry, but this pic is just amazing – we are planning a Fall trip to NYC next year…really wish it was this year!

5.  Today is the last day to enter the Lookbook Store contest on Andee Layne’s blog – would love to win one of those prizes!  But even without winning, the pieces at Lookbook are super cute and totally affordable.

6.  We’ve been soaking up the summer sun and going on many an adventure these last few weeks before school starts back up.


7.  In doing that, I’ve been keeping this quote at the forefront of my mind.  ‘Cause inevitably, plans will end up changing with little ones in tow!


8.  Can you say genius?  Need this ASAP.  I’m a bubble bath indulger – definitely part of my self-care routine.

9.  Despite my recent epiphany about social media, this was too good to not repin on Pinterest:


10.  So glad I came across this article from Women’s Health re: 7 Things No One Told You About Caffeine – they further support and justify my addiction.  Phew!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!




Fashion Forward


Over the past year, I’ve been working on weeding out old items from my closet and slowly replacing them with higher quality, more versatile pieces that will last longer.  You may wonder what, if anything, this has to do with self care.  I think that as a stay at home mom it’s been hard for me to buy things for myself, knowing I’m not bringing home a physical paycheck.  So I would skimp and buy inexpensive things or not much at all.  It wasn’t that my husband minded.  In fact, he’s always encouraged me to buy things for myself – it’s me who has held back for some reason.  Well, not anymore!

For one, I’m done having babies and that helps a lot, not being in an “in between” size anymore.  I hesitated in between pregnancies spending too much on any one item because I didn’t know what my body would be like going forward.  Now that I’m confident our family is complete, I feel like I can make more of an investment in my wardrobe.  And as I’ve mentioned, I’ve come to the realization l feel better about myself when I put together an outfit rather than don my typical mom uniform of workout clothes.  Those are best saved for ‘staying at home’ – a misnomer for me because it’s something I rarely do.  And lastly, I have changed my mindset about feeling I shouldn’t splurge just because I don’t bring home a paycheck.  What I do all day long is hard work!

I started reading up on fashion blogs to get a feel for which items are essential pieces and work well with several different ensembles.  I still have a lot of work to do in this department but little by little, I’ve made some progress.  The past few date nights I actually felt like I had some clothes and shoe options to work with!  Prior to that, I was always changing at the last minute, trying to find something more flattering or that better fit the occasion.

What to do with the discard pile?  I’ve sold many items at consignment stores and through Poshmark, an app I have on my phone similar to ebay but just for women’s fashions.  Some went to goodwill, of course, and another pile went to a girlfriend.

Another option is donating to Fashion Project and receiving a $40 gift card to Nordstrom for every five designer items you send in.  This one’s a double win because they also sell your clothes and donate part of the proceeds to a charity of your designation.


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As I’ve gotten rid of older clothes, I’ve been shopping here and there to fill in the gaps as our budget allows.  One thing I’ve been on the hunt for is dresses now that it’s warmer.  But without going out and spending upwards of $100 for each one, I’ve been hitting up consignment stores instead.  On one recent trip (sans children) I scored 8 pieces and paid just $90.  Two of the items were new with tags – such a steal.  I forgot how much you can find at stores like these – I guess I need to frequent them more often!

Another way to add quality pieces without breaking the bank is shopping at stores like Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s – also don’t forget to check out and Rue La La for discounted prices on designer items.

I’ve really enjoyed the process and have come away with a few shopping dates with girlfriends as a result.  It’s fun being creative and most importantly, knowing I value myself to put time and effort into ‘me’ each day!