What my children have taught me about life…so far

Seeing life through the eyes of your children can be a beautiful and refreshing perspective in many ways.  Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them.

  • Enjoy the simple things.  Whether it is a walk outside to look at trees or collect sticks, there truly is joy to be found in even the most mundane aspects of life.


  • And on the flip side of that coin, there is raw emotion, sadness and disappointment to be felt, too.  And that is equally okay.  Kids are great at getting their feelings out – adults, not as much.  I’m learning to feel what I need to feel in the present.
  • Persistence.  Babies and children are the epitome of persistence.  If only adults tried and kept trying as children do.  Whether it’s my son’s walking, falling and doing it again and again until he has it down or my daughter showing me she can get that door open if I only let her try – it is really a lesson to be learned for us adults.  Oh, to have that kind of perseverance and stamina.  It makes me want to try harder.
  • A zest for learning.  My daughter’s constant question asking is her way of figuring the world out and how it works.  I wish I had such a hunger for learning anything and everything like that kid!
  • Be an individual – and don’t care what other people think.  My daughter’s outfits are a prime example.  She wants to express herself creatively and I love her for that.
  • We all need a break to recharge.  Children almost always need to take a rest, whether it’s a nap or some downtime, in order to refuel.  Us adults are guilty of not taking breaks seriously.  We can all use them or we will surely burn out.
  • The sweet gesture of holding a friend’s hand or giving a hug is natural and loving – I feel like it isn’t as easy for me to do this, but children don’t overthink it when showing affection…they just do it.IMG_1837

I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from my little ones in just a few short years.  We teach them and they teach us right back.

Share Your Story

My life is pretty much an open book.  In fact, I oftentimes think I share too much with people.  But if you know me, you probably know most, if not all, parts about me.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  The ups and downs.  The insecurities, the struggles, the worst decisions I’ve made along with the best ones.  But all of these make up who I am, so I guess it feels natural for me to want to share.  One of my pet peeves is when you give your all in a relationship and it’s not reciprocated.  What’s the point if you can’t have deep, authentic friendships with people?  As I’ve said before, I don’t have time for it in this season of life.  I choose my friends wisely and the ones I love and cherish are the ones I make time for and vice versa.


As we share our story with others, it opens a door, tears down walls, and creates a safe place of healing for all involved.  I know in my life I have thought a certain way about a person and once they shared their experiences with me, I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong.  When you know someone’s heart, it tends to foster empathy and respect.  Sharing our stories often allows us to personally make peace with our own pasts too.

One of my dearest friends moved across the country nearly two years ago.  Despite 2,000 miles between us, we are still in contact nearly every single day.  Our children are the exact same ages, we both stay home with them, and our husbands are business owners in the same industry.  We have always shared openly and authentically, and because of that, our connection remains strong.


It’s so easy to lose touch, but I know our stories and lives have been woven together for a purpose.


I’m grateful to have been blessed with friends who share their most authentic self with me.  There’s a sense of freedom in these relationships and no judgment whatsoever.


For me, those are the friendships that go the distance.

Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

A few weeks ago, I attended a fun event at Fashion Island at Newport Colony Baby & Paperie where I won the grand prize of the evening in a series of giveaways.  This gorgeous picture is now hanging in my living room, even though it’s probably made for a child’s room.  I think it’s great!  Thank you, Newport Colony!!  If you have never been to their Baby & Paperie store, it’s adorable.  So many fun things I want in there for my kiddos.

photo - Version 2

The words of the song remind me me so much of people who exude light and positivity.  It is a great reminder to keep surrounding myself with people like this.  Too many times in my life I have let people in who I knew weren’t the most uplifting of personalities.  I’m much more selective with my time these days and who I choose to spend it with, since God knows I don’t have much.  This quote by Joel Osteen pretty much sums it up!


I’m thankful for the close friendships I have – each one is such a positive and encouraging source in my life (you know who you are!).  On the note of being positive, I have needed to hear this message myself lately.  It’s been a hard season – having small children and a husband who works long hours can make me feel exhausted and defeated some most days.  Two kids has felt like what I expected having four to be like.  For those of you who have 3, 4, or 5 small children – I honestly don’t know how you do it!  I feel like I am constantly meeting demands all day with “just” two little ones.  By the end of the day, I’m emotionally and physically drained.  My sunshine feels taken away…it’s been hard to see the glass half full some days.

Right when I needed it, a girlfriend sent me a blog post on accepting the chaos of motherhood, and it helped change my perspective as a stay at home mother (and being a mom in general).  Kids will make messes.  Kids won’t always sleep when you want them to.  They’re slow.  You have to teach them everything.  It’s part of the job.  Like the blog author, I was getting to the point where I was sick of hearing myself complain, so I can’t imagine how my husband must have felt!  I do feel there is such a thing as healthy venting, but I was in full complaining mode!  Since reading that message, I’ve felt a little more positive all around.  If I expect less, then I won’t be so disappointed on the days they don’t nap at the same time or they’re both being extra clingy, etc. I realized I’m in charge of my own sunshine.


Words to live by!