Pretty Little Boxes

The other day a girlfriend asked me if I had ever heard of Birchbox, the subscription service that delivers a box of beauty and lifestyle samples for the reasonable price of $10/month.  I had, in fact, heard of Birchbox – my husband and I had subscribed for a few months earlier in the year.  Neither of us were blown away with the items we received, so we cancelled our service after maybe 3 or 4 boxes.  It got me thinking, though, what are some of the things we can do that promote self-care and a thought for ourselves in the midst of busyness?  Besides carving out time to be alone, what are some small, tangible ways to create that value?

What is it that brings joy for only YOU?  What’s your guilty pleasure that puts a smile on your face?  I encourage you to find whatever that may be and bring some of it into your life.

I don’t know what it is about receiving things in the mail that makes me giddy with excitement, but I think Birchbox was revolutionary in promoting such a service.  I personally just felt they fell a little short in the product selection.  I wanted more beauty products like lip gloss or mascara samples, but what I mostly received were skincare products, candles and chocolates.  Fortunately, there are about a million other boxes available to subscribe to.  And thanks to Sarah at, you don’t have to do any of the research yourself.  She’s done it all for you!

I love her recent post on Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s workout line.  For $49.99 a month, you’re able to choose a 2 or 3 piece workout outfit, according to Sarah (and your first outfit is only $25!).  Sounds great to me.  I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about Fabletics so far.

If workout gear isn’t your thing, have no fear – Sarah has you covered.  This is her list of several other box subscriptions, from beauty boxes like IpsyGlossybox and Julep, to The Honest Company to Just Add Honey (teas) and Love with Food (organic and all-natural snacks).  There is a box for anything these days.


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Of course, you can also subscribe to a magazine and that’s fun to receive too!  I love when I get my Real Simple each month – I’ll try to make time to sit and browse it when the kids are asleep or my husband is playing with them.  I know I’ll be getting a few other subscriptions too, when my stepson’s school fundraising begins.  At least this is one obligatory purchase that will keep on giving, instead of sitting at the back of my fridge like the cookie dough I bought last time.

As I mentioned before, it may be as simple as a drink from Starbucks that makes you smile, or maybe even a new pair of earrings on your routine Target run.  At the end of the day, it’s nice to feel valued and to know that you made yourself a priority, even if in a small way.  Obviously, we all have our own budgets and interests, but I encourage you to do whatever it is that feeds your soul on a daily (and perhaps, monthly) basis.