Christmas Cocktails

We have been known to concoct a cocktail or two, but I didn’t really have any ideas for Christmas drinks. That is, until I logged onto Pinterest. Holy smokes. There are some great ones out there!

I rounded up some of the best ones for you – if these don’t get you in the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will!

Cranberry Ginger Moscow Mule (courtesy of Beard & Bonnet) – click HERE for recipe. Does this not look amazing? I love any version of the Moscow Mule!


{photo c/o Beard & Bonnet}

Blackberry Bramble (courtesy of The Whole Smiths) – click HERE for recipe. Being a Whole 30 advocate (not quite as much at holiday time of course! Ha!), I love Michelle’s recipes and can’t wait to try this refined sugar-free cocktail – for any of you that are strictly Paleo, this one’s for you. And blackberries are a nice alternative to cranberry cocktails if you’re not a fan of the tart berry. Continue reading “Christmas Cocktails”

Behind the Orange Curtain

Last Sunday I drove up to LA for a bridal shower honoring a dear friend.  Driving those familiar freeways, the same thing happened that always does when that gorgeous Los Angeles skyline comes into view.  My heart does that thing where it practically skips a beat.  There is just something about that city.  Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart – some of my fondest memories are from the years I lived there.

I love its diversity, art, food, architecture, culture, and people.  As averse as I was to moving to Orange County after I got married, I now realize there is no shortage of those very same attributes behind the Orange Curtain.

And the truth is, I really adore living here.  I never thought I could grow to love it so much!  It is certainly beautiful and scenic.  And if it’s one thing we have, it’s culinary masterpieces. It seems everywhere you look, a new restaurant is popping up by a renowned chef. Continue reading “Behind the Orange Curtain”