The Quest for Clutter-Free


Lately, things have seemed so busy on the home front. I feel like I’ve been rushing from place to place to place. Doctor appointments, kid activities, school open houses, regular errands. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but it’s seemed nonstop for weeks now and shows no sign of letting up. And no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to stop piles from accumulating all over my house. Does anyone else feel the same way? If I try to put away the items, it never fails that my husband or kids ask me later that day, “Have you seen my (insert missing item here)?” And then, “Why did you put that away? I wasn’t done using it.”

Of course you weren’t.

You see, these piles are beginning to make me lose my mind. I wouldn’t say I’m a super organized person, but I’m really starting to detest clutter. Maybe since my home is my “office,” I need it to feel decently clutter-free. But it’s always far from it.

And it’s been years now that we’re unable to get to certain projects. The days tick by, one by one, and we find ourselves with piles upon piles and closets stuffed full of unused items.

Maybe one day all of this will change, but I’ve started to accept the fact that this is life. When you have 3 kids, there is no getting around it. It really isn’t possible to be gone almost an entire Saturday to your son’s baseball game and expect a closet to magically become organized. And if we are gone for one of the days, we want to spend the other weekend day doing fun activities as a family.

So my epiphany lately is this: rather than let this chaos rule my mindset, I need to tweak how I view the clutter. When barbies, dolls and cars are strewn about our home, I can take heart that my kids have been playing with their toys. When I step on a hundred legos in one afternoon, I can rejoice in the fact that my kids have been creative that day. Instead of cursing the piles on the dining table, I can be appreciative that I have a husband who plays with our kiddos after work instead of putting his stuff away.

The clutter and the home projects will always be there. But my children won’t be this little ever again. And at the end of the day, if our kids know they’re loved, that’s what truly matters.


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