Time to ‘Let it Go’?

Halloween has come and gone.  Not surprisingly, the day saw countless Elsas, many Annas, plenty of Olafs and even carrots and reindeer running around.  My daughter was one of the Frozen fanatics, dressing as America’s favorite Ice Queen.  Since the day she first saw the movie, she declared she would be Elsa for Halloween.  There was no changing her mind.


The obsession with this movie is mind-boggling in some ways.  We even went to a Frozen-themed Halloween spooktacular at our friends’ house, complete with snowball fights, aqua-colored tortillas at the taco truck and a visit from Anna and Elsa themselves.


I guess I can’t say I don’t understand the hype – I’m definitely a fan of the movie, and I enjoy the soundtrack, even if I can sing it in my sleep I’ve heard it so many times.  The message of the movie is great, in that it isn’t the typical Disney plot where the princess is rescued by a handsome prince.  It shows sibling love, and a girl who is ashamed of her gift but slowly accepts it, coming into her own.  It’s been nearly one year since Frozen was released in theaters, and the obsession is as big as ever – as was telling from Halloween.

So instead of hating, I have embraced the hype, being a parent to a preschooler who loves Frozen as much as the next little girl.  Here are the best parts about this movie in my mind:

  • “Let it Go” is a song that plays in my head all day – my mantra you could say.   You can use it about house work, your child grating on your nerves, or a whole other slew of things.  It just works.
  • The obsession kids have over this movie provides comedic relief some days.  One time I thought I was being nice by putting the soundtrack on in my car for my daughter when she suddenly screamed, “Nooo!  Don’t turn Frozen on!!”  I was shocked.  “Why not?”  “Because I don’t have an Elsa braid in right now.”  Oooooh.  Of course.  You can’t sing along to Frozen songs without a french braid.  What was I thinking.
  • Even though my poor stepson groans every time the soundtrack comes on in our car, it has calmed our other son down on numerous car rides when he was a bit younger.  He especially loves, “Do you want to build a snowman” because of the little kid voices, I think.
  • My one-year-old son has been connecting two words lately to complete a phrase.  His first phrase was “I do” and the second was “let it go” – sad, but true!  I’m sure he knows all the words to every song, even if he can’t belt them out like his sister.  He’s heard them enough times too.
  • I am no Disney fanatic (I have visited Disneyland exactly 3 times in 9 years of living in Southern California) but I find this site linking Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Tangled together fascinating.  My daughter pointed out several times that Rapunzel is in a scene of Frozen and I never paid much attention to what she was saying – but she’s right!  Whether or not it’s true, it’s cool seeing a movie from my own childhood connect with one my daughter loves now.

Yes, sometimes it’s annoying as a parent, being inundated with all things Frozen – but, all in all, there are worse things for a child to be into, in my opinion.  This is one trend I won’t be sad to see go…but while it’s here I’ll sit back and enjoy what seems like the 100th showing of the movie in our house.  Pass the popcorn one more time.

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