You know you’re not in the Midwest anymore…

I’ve been living in Southern California for nearly a decade now, and the things I used to think were weird have slowly but surely become the norm for me.  The differences between the two are definitely more apparent in the Winter months and at Christmastime.

You know you’re not in the Midwest anymore when…

  • You’re freezing cold and bundled up with a scarf shivering in the car when you notice the outside temp is only 55.  I remember 65 degrees was shorts weather growing up.  How am I such a baby now?
  • Christmas day consists of bike riding and kids playing with all their new toys outdoors.  In shorts.
  • The occasional Winter rain is cause for celebration at first and followed by staying in for 2 to 3 days with “nothing to do” – poor us.  In reality, I actually enjoy the rain because it’s a nice change, but I don’t think I could do it with kids for an entire season.
  • Christmas festivities include the holiday boat parade of lights in one of the harbors.  Beautiful.
  • When you look at the weather app on your phone, it’s a steady high of 72 week after week…after week.
  • You’re on the phone with family and mention a scheduled beach bonfire is cancelled due to the temperature being a high of 66…and they think it’s cancelled because 66 is too hot.
  • The local news keeps showing ‘severe’ weather alerts because there is a 30% chance of precipitation.

You can laugh, but it really does feel cold when it’s Winter time here (mostly in the mornings and evenings).  Yes, I’ve become one of ‘them’ but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t feel grateful for where I live!!

A few photos from Christmas Day last year!



Here’s to hoping for another warm and sunny California Christmas this year.  Right now the forecast calls for a high of 70 on Thursday…I’ll take it!

4 thoughts on “You know you’re not in the Midwest anymore…

  1. You’ve been living out there for a decade? My, how time flies! Glad to hear you’ve adjusted so well to warm, sunny southern California! Have a wonderful, warm, Christmas!
    FYI Some snow is predicted for IL!

  2. Moons! I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since you have moved – doesn’t seem possible. And no, I don’t want to hear for one second how 55 is cold!! Loved the post, too funny…I can’t get over your xmas photos from last year – so weird to see you guys in shorts and tank tops, on Christmas day! But lord knows I am jelly!!!

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